You've come to the right place for total customization!


You've spent  months (or years) getting the look just right. The right stance, PERFECT paint, and the right combination of accessories. Now you want  some lighting to catch everyone's eye. Or an audio system that will blow away the kid in the tuner car at the stoplight (or caress your ears while the miles melt away beneath you). Finish off the perfect look with a custom Audio and LED package that makes your ride stand out from the rest. 

Great News!- We are now the official local dealer for XK Glow LED products. XK is THE leader in the industry with their revolutionary LED controllers that use your smartphone to take control of your lighting system. No more fob's or remotes to lose, a simple app for IPhone or Android takes care of everything! 



Want to tackle your own LED project, or have a system and want upgrade to this premium controller? Give us a call today to find out how easy it is!